22/23 Consignment and preseason sale!

Back for another year, our annual ski consignment and preseason sale will be Friday, October 28th-Sunday, October 30. (Hours Friday 10-7,Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-4)


Do you have growing children that need larger sizes? Have you surpassed the ability level on your current package? Are you looking to add something to your quiver of skis/snowboards? Do you like having additional equipment? The best time to score a larger size, upgraded equipment, or another shred stick is at the consignment sale. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, we are also having our preseason sale in the showroom! There will also be adjustment/mounting and tuning specials this weekend.


We will be operating extremely similar to the way we have done it the past few seasons, with one small change. We will be adding additional space with an outdoor tent this year. We will be opening the rear garage door to allow access to the tented area. We never know what the weather will throw at us in late October, so please dress accordingly. We will be allowing a limited amount of people in at a time, just as we have done the past 2 sales. We will start handing out numbers at 9 A.M. on Friday and Saturday.


We are starting to take items in for the consignment sale now. We cannot accept items that are not in working order, no longer serviceable, or are out of date with current technologies. We also cannot accept helmets or clothing into the sale.


If you are looking to get your children larger sizes, it is a good idea to come in prior to the sale to have them measured so we can expedite the process.


There are two options as far as what to do if your items sell.


  1. Use the sold value as a store credit for NO FEE. This credit can be used on anything we sell at the store including ski labor/kayak/SUP  (i.e sell your skis for $200, take a $200 store credit)
  2. Take a check for a 25% commission (i.e. sell your skis for $200, take home a check for $150)


If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at (920) 435-9562, email us at acd@zellersonline.com or message us on our social media outlets.