The consignment sale has been set

We have made a decision on how the consignment sale is going to operate:
The sale will start on Thursday, October 28nd and run through Sunday, October 31st We are having a 25 person capacity. We do realize this will cause longer wait times and we ask for your patience as we have every customer’s safety as our main concern. We hope that the added 2 days of the sale will help space out the flow of foot traffic as well as lead to a better one on one service than prior years. Masks will be required for entry.
We will control the crowd by assigning numbers based on arrival. We will start handing out the numbers at 9:30 A.M. each day. If there is a wait to get in, you will get a number from a staff member at the front door.
If you are in need of new equipment or are looking to sell your gear, we encourage you to come in soon, that way we can get you sized in order to expedite the shopping process. We have paperwork to fill out with specs as well. We will stop accepting items on Monday, October 20th.
Once again, if you decide to get a store credit for your items sold, we will give you 100% of the selling price. If you want a payout, there is a 25% commission. We will start the payouts on Monday November, 1st. Any unsold items that aren’t picked up by December 1st will be donated.
If you’re looking for discounts on 2021/22 gear, we will be running our pre-season pricing on new gear starting on Thursday, October 28th.
In order to keep everything fair for everyone, we cannot allow purchases of used equipment prior to the 28th. We will also allow people to look at the remaining consignment gear after the sale if you would feel more comfortable avoiding the crowd.
We thank you for your patience and understanding as we are still navigating how business will be done in these unprecedented times. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at (920) 435-9562 or email at
See you on the slopes!

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